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Vertigoal is a high intensity game happening on a field with 5 levels. The goal is to put as many playing pieces in the targets! May the mayhem begin!

Playing pieceS

This year, the playing pieces are mighty tennis balls!

Fun fact: These tennis balls were used by professionals in the Rogers Cup!


the goal

Each heat lasts 5 minutes and teams must score the highest number of points during this time. Points are scored by shooting balls of your team’s color into the targets.

Most Important Rules

6 starting zones

This year, each game will see 2 teams of 2 robots, but 6 starting zones! Teams can pick 2 of the 3 potential starting zones.

Points are points!

If you score for the other team, well… the points go to the other team! You better be careful!


No slopes this year… only 4 steps! The bottom 2 steps are easier to climb, but they yield less potential for points!

Make it rain!

Playing pieces start in containers above the playing field! With the touch of a button, teams can make it rain playing pieces!

Time's up!

5 minutes per heat!

Where am I shooting?

Teams share their targets, so be careful not to park in the wrong spot!



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Our Trusted kit

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Vertigoal 2019

When: February 21, 2019 to February 23, 2019

Where: Centennial Regional High School


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