Playing pieces

This year, the playing pieces are blocks of wood in different shapes and sizes! There’s also a tennis ball that has special powers!


the goal

Robots play individually to score the highest number of points during each game. Points are scored by building structures based on the Construction Plan selected at the beginning of the heat. The more difficult the structure, the greater the points!

Most Important Rules

1 starting zone

This year, there is only 1 place to start the heat: in center field!

The Main Attraction

Watch automated robots grab playing pieces from different areas of the field and build structures of varying difficulty in a very specific zone!

On your mark. Get set. Go!

Make sure your program works! Once the clock starts ticking, your robot needs to get moving to build that structure!

Scoring Points

Building the structure in the same layout as on the Construction Plan will give you points based on the type of block used.

Bonus Points

Who doesn’t love bonus points!?  These are awarded based on the difficulty of the structure if it was correctly built!

Time's up!

5  minutes per heat! Use that magic tennis ball if you’re done and want to end your heat early. If you do, you’ll multiply your points based on the time that has elapsed!



full rulebook

construction plans

game explanation video





When: April 15-17, 2021

Where: VIRTUAL! (Details to come)


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