Loops 2017 - Objective

This year, the competition is bigger, better, and faster-paced! Robots will be playing in two teams of two robots each to remove as many playing pieces from their half of the playing field as possible. Yes, that’s right… the objective of the game is actually to get the playing piece to the OTHER side of the playing field. Points are awarded by determining the area in which the playing piece has landed; the more difficult the area is to reach, the more points are awarded. Each robot is allowed to begin each heat with 2 playing pieces on their robot and there are 24 other playing pieces on each side of the field that serve as additional playing pieces. Multipliers also exist to make the game more interesting for not only the students, but for the spectators. If a playing piece lands in the designated multiplier zone, all the points accumulated from the playing pieces on that side of the playing field will be multiplied by 2.

Challenge #1: Get the playing pieces to the other side of the playing field by placing it over or under the separating wall without entering the other side of the field.   

Challenge #2: Reduce the amount of playing pieces coming onto your side of the playing field without blocking the wall.

In addition to building one high-quality, jaw-dropping robot, the students will also have to build a kiosk and prepare a website and video representing the theme they have chosen and highlighting their school and team members as well as the game objectives and the robot-building process. Overall, this is one of the best learning experiences for our student participants and we couldn’t be happier to provide this opportunity to them.

It will definitely be an event you don’t want to miss! Come visit us at Vanier College from February 16-18, 2017! We’re sure the students would love your support.